Priser er inkl. mva.

Kr. 494,-

Aten VS-132A VGA 1pc ->2vga

Kr. 3.150,-

Dell PSU Power Supply 715W Hot swap redundancy to N3024P for POE, not for 600+ watts POE+

Kr. 288,-

HDMI-switch, manuell 2-1 dubbelriktad High speed HDMI with Ethernet 1080P

Kr. 1.655,-

Dell Single Hot-plug Power Supply (1+0) 750WCusKit

Kr. 86,-

Dell SATA Cable and Power Expansion Cable for inst. of Optical Drive and/or more than 4 Hard Drives

Kr. 893,-

Dell Sliding Ready Rack Without Cable Manag. arm

Kr. 8.013,-

Dell DAV2108-G01 8port analog, upgradeable to digital KVMswitch 1 localuser, singlepowersupply. TAA

Kr. 322,-

R730 PCIe Riser 3 Left, 2 x8 PCIe Slots with at least 1 Processor, CusKit

Kr. 5.025,-

Dell PERC H830 RAID Adapter for External JBOD 2GB NV Cache, Low Profile

Kr. 2.974,-

Dell Intel Ethernet i350 QP 1Gb Server Adapter Low Profile

Kr. 17.914,-

DELL Intel® Xeon® E5- 2660 v4 2.0GHz, 35M Cache 9.60GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT, 14C/28T (105W) Max Mem 2400MHz,

Kr. 33.462,-

DELL Intel® Xeon® E5- 2697 v4 2.3GHz, 45M Cache 9.60GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT, 18C/36T (145W) Max Mem 2400MHz,


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