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Kr. 773,-

Aten VS-0202 VGA-switch 2 enheter -> 2 enheter

Kr. 260,-

Dell 2U CPU Heatsink for PE R730 without GPU, or PowerEdge R730x

Kr. 254,-

Dell Heat Sink for R740/R740XD125W or lower CPU (low profile low cost)CK

Kr. 745,-

6G SAS CableMINI to HD 2M Customer Kit

Kr. 91,-

Dell SATA Cable and Power Expansion Cable for inst. of Optical Drive and/or more than 4 Hard Drives

Kr. 1.964,-

Dell Kit - FX2 ReadyRails Sliding Rails

Kr. 9.207,-

Dell Emulex OneConnect OCe14102B-N1-D 2-port PCIe

Kr. 1.094,-

Dell BOSS Controller Card LP

Kr. 9.118,-

Dell DAV2108-G01 8port analog, upgradeable to digital KVMswitch 1 localuser, singlepowersupply. TAA

Kr. 232,-

Dell Bezel, 8 Drive Chassis, PowerEdge R430/R630

Kr. 3.780,-

Aten HDMI-switch x 4, 1080p, svart

Kr. 1.486,-

Dell Intel Ethernet i350 DP 1Gb Server Adapter Low Profile


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